Stripes & Military Jacket

Good Morning! I’m coming to you this morning straight from my couch, while I enjoy one of my toddler’s delicious fig newton bars and a string cheese for breakfast.  I swear, there was a time when I ate normal (read: not designed for infants or small children) food, but it feels sooo long ago. My food staples, which once consisted of grilled meats, carefully crafted salads, and baguettes with cheese, are now relegated to leftover mac and cheese, cold peas, and crackers. So many crackers.

Anyway! I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday, and today, I am wearing stripes, an olive green military jacket, and a berry colored scarf.  I am loving these trendy colors right now.


Jacket / Jeans / Striped Tee (similar and similar) / Hunter Boots / Scarf


The military jacket is actually from Old Navy, and with a sale (30% off right now! No code needed) it’s a steal for a trendy piece that won’t break the bank.  I usually wear black jackets, so this is a nice way to break up the boring in my closet and it works perfectly for transitioning into spring.

The striped tee is sold out from Loft, sorry! But…it’s just a striped tee.  If you don’t have one, they are easy enough to find 🙂  I found a couple similar ones here and here.

The scarf is the B.P. fringe trim infinity scarf and it is fabulous.  I don’t know how they did it, but it is somehow warm and cozy yet lightweight at the same time.  It’s not itchy at all (because isn’t that THE WORST?), and the fringe is a fun way to jazz up your outfit. Last night they had a few in stock for 50% off (which is such a steal!) but right now it looks like they are sold out. Boo! If you are totally crazy like I am, it might not hurt to do a search on the Nordstrom website to see if you can find one in stock.  I have done this multiple times per day for up to a week when I am searching for an out-of-stock item, and most of the item, the item pops back up eventually (a customer return, I would imagine).

I paired the look with my favorite rainboots since it’s been rainy/muddy in Raleigh and my other black boots are suede, along with my favorite Express skinny jeans.  (If you want to read all about my love for these rainboots, go here. If not, I’ll spare you…this time).

Ok, I hear a little someone stirring upstairs so I’m off to enjoy this day! Hope you have a great one!


My Favorite Sweater Dress and the Return of Bodypump!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I am happily hobbling around the house this morning.  No, I didn’t injure myself, I actually attended my first workout class at a real live gym yesterday since little man was born! I can barely move, but that’s part of the charm, right?  In all seriousness, I found a fabulous and affordable gym with childcare nearby and I’m totally stoked about it.  They have Les Mills classes, which means my spandex-ed butt will be sweating to techno music in a packed room multiple times per week.  I’m jazzed. Yesterday’s class was Bodypump and I’ve already downloaded the entire track list from the session to jam out to in my car later.  Someday, my son will be totally embarrassed he belongs to me.

On a slightly cooler note, I wanted to introduce you to my new favorite sweater dress:


Dress / Ralph Lauren Boots (nearly identical and on sale!) / Necklace is 5+ years old from Jcrew

Isn’t she lovely? And another shot, with my favorite little model who couldn’t resist popping in (yes, he is wearing a Christmas shirt in February. Don’t judge. It’s laundry day.):

I actually picked the dress up at Express last year, but they are still carrying the same style in stock.  I styled it here for wear during the day, but I’ve also worn it out on date night with booties or heels, and it works equally as well.

The ruching makes it flattering (although be warned, it is very form fitting, so if that’s not your jam, you may want to stay away). And the color! I want all things berry right now.

The boots I have are I think last years version of these, and I love them. They are incredibly comfortable and attractive. They come in black as well, but for some reason I don’t like the black in these as much as I do the brown.

I added an old sparkly necklace I have from Jcrew, but I think this dress lends itself to a variety of accessories.  Large statement earrings would look adorable too.

That’s all for today–hope you have a great day! Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for extra outfit deliciousness.

~ Melanie

Old Navy Tulip Top & Weekend Musings

Good morning and Happy Monday! Or maybe not so happy for me.  Little man wouldn’t go to sleep last night until two hours past his bedtime (why? why?!).  He has perfected the “crib reach” – you know, where baby stands at the corner of the crib closest to mom/the door and then reaches his arms towards you, usually while crying or giving puppy dog eyes.  Gets me every time (I’m a sucker).  Anyway, on the bright side….free arm workout!! Lots of rocking and patting and back rubbing from me last night.  It’s funny to me that no matter how irritated I get, as soon as little man falls asleep he looks like a complete ANGEL and I forget all about the bedtime tantrum. Seriously, sleeping babies are the sweetest–I could stare at them all day.

Anyway, let’s talk about clothes.  I’m linking up with Carylee and Jenna for a little weekend outfit fun.

Do you guys ever shop at Old Navy? I usually only shop there for little man–their prices are awesome and the baby/toddler selection is great–but of course I’m guilty of browsing the women’s section and picking up something for myself sometimes too.  They have some great basics, and every once in a while I will find a total gem.  I got this tulip top in the fall (only a few sizes left!) and liked it so much I ended up ordering it in all three colors.  Hey, when I like something, I like it.  For around $10 a pop, you can’t beat it for a trendy, comfy, flattering sweater.  The sweater is pretty thin–it’s more like a top with a sweater texture–but it’s really cozy and not scratchy at all.  Plus, I love the way it flows away from the body (superbowl potluck, anyone?).


“Tulip” Sweater / Black Skinny Jeans / Ivanka Trump “Larissa” Boots (from last year) / Rayne Necklace

I’ve washed this top a few times (on cold, then laid flat to dry), and it seems to be holding up really well.  Here is a close up of the “tulip” back:


Cute, right? I’m so fancy.

I paired the top with my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace (can’t get enough), my Express black skinny jeans(so stretchy and comfy), and black knee-high boots.  Done! Weekends errands made easy – and I didn’t even feel the need to immediately change into PJs when I got home.  Now, if getting babies to sleep was as simple 😉

Hope you have a great week and see you back here on Wednesday!

~ Melanie

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Hi guys! Happy Friday 🙂 Hope you had a great week and have fun plans for the weekend.

So, I’m a total cheeseball when it comes to holidays and I’m already getting excited for Valentine’s Day over here.  I have all the red, pink, and white candies in my candy dishes, little man has a stack of cards and temporary heart tattoos for his play date next week, and I have my outfit picked out already (d’uh!).  Hallmark Holidays were made for me.

Last year, we had a 5 month old, so I’m pretty sure my husband and I ordered pizza in or something similar. While I may have been wearing red, I almost certainly was also wearing yoga pants or leggings.  This year, I wanted something a little more glam for a night out on the town.  Enter the cupcake skirt:

Skirt (shown in red mesh)/ Top / Earrings

And for fun, with a faux leather jacket thrown on top:


Skirt (in red mesh) / Top / Jacket / Earrings

This look is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but so much fun! I don’t think “cupcake” is the official name of this skirt, but I started calling it that in my head and now it’s stuck. It’s perfect for a day when you just feel like being fancy, and looks just as cute with high heels and bare legs as it does with boots and tights in the winter. My skirt is an opaque red that is no longer available online, but Express now has a red mesh version as well as several other colors and patterns.

The “cold shoulder” top from Express is another favorite of mine, and I keep meaning to pick up another one next time I shop.  It’s cotton, so you can throw it in the wash, and the cut out is a fun detail in a location doesn’t require a special bra or anything weird. I’ve worn it several times and it still looks brand new.

My H&M jacket is sold out (sorry!) but here is a similar one.  I recommend sizing up.

Finally, I threw on a pair of Kate Spade sparkly black stud earrings (the cutest!) and called it a day. I can’t wait to wear this look next week! Anyone have anything fun planned?

~ Melanie

Trending: Flares

So, flares are apparently back.  This was a little bit embarrassing for me to hear because I definitely still had a pair of flares in my closet I would wear from time to time (surely I’m not the only one?). Anyway, I decided to embrace the trend with open arms by buying a NEW pair of flares.  I know, I know, twist my arm.  I love them long time.

Flares / Cami / Necklace / Faux Leather Jacket (from H&M but sold out – similar here) / Booties

The jeans are from EXPRESS and they are SO stretchy and comfy, I could swear I was wearing leggings.  I found these to run a little long, but according to the fashion powers that be, flares are meant to be worn with wedges or heels to elongate your legs, so that’s probably the reason for the extra length.  Once I paired these with a pair of booties, they were perfect.  For reference, I’m 5’6ish and the booties are 2.75 inches. If you’re shorter you may have to go taller on the boot or shorter on the hem.

The cami is another tried and true favorite (also from EXPRESS). I swear I shop elsewhere but I keep coming back because their stuff is cute and it LASTS. Ain’t nobody got time for that Forever 21 shirt whose seams are already coming apart in the dressing room.  If I’m spending money on something disposable, it’s going to be paper plates for the night(s) that I just can’t bring myself to go to town on a sink full of dishes.

Anyway, the cami comes in a million different colors and patterns and is made of the same material as the portofino shirt (so, machine washable, unwrinkleable (yes, it’s a word, just go with it), and flattering).  I really like the longer length and the way it flows away from the body, which makes it perfect for the boho chic 70’s vibe that is trendy right now, but it also looks great with skinny denim and leggings.  If you’re a working lady and/or need to dress it up for an event, the cami looks FABULOUS tucked into a pencil skirt and under a cami or jacket.  OH! And it’s reversible, so you really get two shirts for the price of one.  Basically, it’s perfect, and you need one (or three).

For a pop of color I added my neon yellow Kendra Scott necklace.  Thanks to Sheaffer‘s blog, I am totally obsessed with Kendra Scott now and while my wallet hates me, my closet loves me.  Yes, the necklace is pricey, but it is beautiful and quality and you will wear the heck out of it if you do decide to make the splurge.  It also makes a great gift idea for your Birthday/Mother’s Day/Christmas/etc. wish list 😉

We’re having some nice weather in Raleigh so I topped the look with a lightweight faux leather jacket from H&M. It’s sold out, but they have a few other cute options if you are in the market for something similar. H&M runs small, so while I got my usual size 4 in this jacket, I probably should have gone with a 6.

Ok, that’s it for today! Hope you all have a great one!


P.S. Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday 🙂

Leopard Love

Hi guys! Just popping in to share today’s outfit with you before little man and I head out to the kids museum today. I know what you’re thinking–“oh, a children’s museum? How sweet!”–but I assure you, this place is utter PANDEMONIUM. It’s like all the triangle area parents with children who have too much pent up energy from being stuck inside this winter (guilty!) decide to take them here and arm them with shopping carts, lawn mowers, farming tools, countless bouncy balls, and the like. It’s a very interactive museum. While I see a lawsuit waiting to happen, little man sees paradise, and guess who wins? Yes. The little person. Every time. In fact, just last week he got plowed in the head by a young lady who was over zealously “hoe-ing” her farmland, and after a brief moment of confusion, he carried on with his task of drumming on the giant plastic pig. Like nothing ever happened. There’s some sort of deep life lesson to be learned here, but it’s a little to early for me to explore.

So, let’s talk clothes. Today was a jeans and flats kind of day, but I decided to jazz it up with a little leopard. Check it:


Top / Jeans / Flats (similar here and here)

Easy, comfy, cute. It’s no secret I love leopard. Love it. My mom does too, so maybe it’s genetic? Plus, while I’ve paired it with black here, leopard is totally a neutral and goes with any color in your closet. It’s the best.

I had been wanting some leopard pointy toe flats for a while, and I totally lucked out when I spotted these for $20 at target. For that price, I won’t cry when they inevitably get some banana purée or pouch sauce on them. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have them online anymore (boo!), but they have the non-pointed toe version here (for under $15!!) and a super cute Express version here.

My jeans are from express. They are soooo comfy and the midrise won’t leave you exposed if you have to pick up a(nother) discarded toy or snack off the ground. Winning! I’m picky about skinny jeans and these are the right combo of comfy but still flattering. These are probably my most worn jeans right now, and seem to be holding up well–even with my toddler aiding in the “destruction” process by poking his little fingers in and pulling on the holes.

I paired the look with a portofino shirt from express. Here is a closer look at the drapey goodness:


I could wax poetic on this shirt for ages but I’ll save it for another post. For now, suffice to say this is probably my favorite shirt ever. I have it in 10 colors/patterns (which feels wrong to say but it’s just so right). If you are nursing, working, like to go out with your girlfriends for happy hour, or have a pulse then you NEED this shirt. I have worn this SAME shirt as a working attorney fresh out of law school, through most of my pregnancy, and now while caring for my little person. It was a flattering and comfortable fit at every weight. What, is it knit by unicorn elves somewhere in the Avatar rainforest, you ask? Probably. Yes. Yes it is. But seriously, these have OVER 2,000 5-star reviews on Express, which I think speaks for itself.  They are buy one get one 50% off right now and if you happen to have any Express coupons lying around right now (if not, you need to sign up for their mailing list), I’m pretty sure you can stack the coupon on top of the sale price.  For reference, I have the shirt in a size small and I’m somewhere between 5’6 and 5’7 with a weight that has ranged from 115 to 140-something during those exciting life changes.

Ok, we’re off to brave the chaos! Have a great day!



Well peeps, I’ve officially made it. I have my own blog. I can roll over and die a happy woman.

This blog has been a long time coming and without a little push from my little brother (HI ROD!) I may not have ever pulled the trigger. So, ta-da! And I’m so happy to be here.

I have lots of ideas on various post topics I’d like to touch on, but since this is supposed to be a fashion blog, I figured a daily outfit is as good a place to start as any. So, this is me today:


Boots/leggings/chambray top (similar here and here)

This outfit contains some of my very favorite staple pieces and in fact, I think I’ve worn each item no less than 20 times. I lusted after these Hunter Boots for over a year before I finally caved and they are worth every penny. They are so much more than rain boots. I wear them to the beach, in the rain, in the snow, in slush, and on any other day I feel like it. Visiting tide pools? Wear these rain boots. Muddy pumpkin patch? Rain boots! I haven’t had the opportunity to go wading in a swamp yet but if I did, I could because I have my magical rain boots. (See? I’m really good at justifying. It’s the attorney in me. Call me if you need help convincing your husband/mom/significant other you need these).

In all seriousness, these are comfortable, adorable, completely waterproof, wipe clean, and I swear they make my legs look skinnier (which is a good enough reason in and of itself to purchase them). I have the boots in the black matte, but they come in a variety of exciting matte and gloss colors – go wild! They do run a little bit big. I am usually an 8 or 8 ½ so I stuck with an 8, and they fit fine, but I probably could have gone down to a 7.

The chambray top is probably overkill since everyone and their mom has one by now, but I have no shame. I love chambray! It’s cute and on trend, flattering, you can stick it in the washer AND dryer, and it goes with pretty much everything. Also, if you’re nursing, it works great for that. This one is 5 years old from banana republic, but GAP has a similar one here (40% off right now with code CHILLOUT). I also own this one from Jcrew Factory because apparently I just can’t leave well enough alone (25% + free shipping right now!). I love it too.

And finally, the leggings. I have a bunch of leggings but these are my very favorite because they have an ultra flattering wide waistband (Read: no muffin top). They are HUE brand and have over 800 5 star reviews on Amazon (I’m not even kidding, people are serious about their leggings)! They are always the first pair I grab after laundry day.

So, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading and hope to see you again soon.